New Games

  • Time Adventure

    Time Adventure

    Choose your hero and go in search of adventure. Go back in time and travel in it. Participate in the testing and enjoy. Perform all tests and complete the entire game. Hit Arrow keys when the right moment come.

  • Submarine


    Captain Bloomo again went to his underwater treasure hunt. Together with the captain and his submarine go to the bottom of the ocean. Collect as much treasure from the sea floor and finish the entire game. Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and launch the harpoon.

  • Da Vinci

    Da Vinci

    The greatest figure of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci invented the gun. With this gun you must destroy all on the playing field. Select the angle and power of shots. Select the type of small tools and forth to destroy all in your path.

  • Frit Solvation

    Frit Solvation

    In this game you have to fight for your crop. Evil snail laid eyes on your fruits and now gathered all his forces going to war you. Give rebuff rotten snails. Protect your harvest and finish the game. Use the Mouse to shoot, to select and upgrade weapons.

  • Olympic Medals

    Olympic Medals

    In this game your task to return all the Olympic medals on their places. Remove unnecessary blocks and distribute medals on the desired cell. Distribute all the medals to finish the game. Use the Mouse to click and remove shapes.

  • Marcos Don'tpanic

    Marcos Don'tpanic

    Marco desperate adventurer. He is always ready for new threats. For example, if him attacks a horde of zombies, he even without batting an eye ready to kill them all. Send to the light all the walking dead and have fun. WASD or Arrow to move, Space bar to attack, ZXC to change weapons, P to pause.

  • Road To The Rome

    Road To The Rome

    Plunge headlong into an exciting game full of economic and political problems. Start with a small building and turn it all in great state. Bounce from neighboring states. Save up resources and improve the living standards of citizens. Become the greatest ruler. Use the Mouse to play.

  • Protect the Dummy

    Protect the Dummy

    In this game you have to solve dozens of physical problems. By controlling the rope to which suspended the protagonist solve all the puzzles in the levels. The game is challenge you for a time to time, but if you try, you will be able to solve all the puzzles. Use the Mouse to play.

  • Sheep And Dog

    Sheep And Dog

    In this game you will control the actions of the shepherd dogs. Perform tasks distilled sheep in the right place and don't lost nobody. Being a shepherd was not so easy as it might seem at first glance. Use Arrow keys to move, R to restart, P to pause, Esc to quit.

  • Speedboat


    Try yourself in the role of a mercenary whose task is to protect passengers of boat. Shoot out thugs on scooters. Do not let them destroy the boat of your employer. Ensure the safety of all persons on board and finish the game by becoming the best mercenary. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot, Space bar to reload, Z for grenade, X to release net, C to release mine, 1-5 for air support.

  • Park Drive

    Park Drive

    The protagonist of the game came to the park to try out his new skateboard. He does not just want to ride in the park, he wants to defy gravity itself. Build a ramp and a variety of obstacles, and then watch as the protagonist will overcome them. Use the Mouse to play. Full instructions are shown in-game.

  • Click The Button

    Click The Button

    The main objective in this game is to make sure that our protagonist pressed the button and the door opened. Run the main character in the right direction and make sure that he clicked on that button. Complete all the levels and complete the game.

  • The Rescue

    The Rescue

    In this game you have to help the poor animals trapped on the island to help get him alive and not drown. Your task is simple and straightforward, place animals in a special gun and shoots them on the boat. Use the Mouse to play the game, R to restart.

  • Nuclear Grown

    Nuclear Grown

    After a terrible war, almost all life on earth was destroyed. No plants or animals and it seems the whole world has come to an end. But here again, mankind had the chance. For the first time in many years managed to grow a plant. Your task is to protect it at all costs and help it grow. WASD or Arrow keys to move, jump and grow up the plant, Mouse to shoot. P to pause.

  • Losted Caves

    Losted Caves

    The poor creature has got into a terrible cave and now he could not get out. The cave is very dark and scary, you only have a small light source. Focusing almost complete darkness, try to reach the exit. WAD or Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to set up torch.

  • Hail To The King

    Hail To The King

    Welcome to the kingdom of small and friendly creatures. Help the King get to the right place. On his way he will meet many obstacles, but with the help of his subjects you will be able to help the king get to his destination. Use the Mouse to play the game.

  • Click Fast

    Click Fast

    This game will test your reaction and quickness. In each level you will be given a choice of different puzzles to be solved in the shortest possible time. Are you ready? Use the Mouse to play.

  • Snake Bomb

    Snake Bomb

    The snake got into a maze full of explosives. Now she must as soon as possible crawl to the door, otherwise it will explode. Help the snake get out of the maze alive and finish the game. Arrow keys to move, R to restart.

  • Figure maze

    Figure maze

    This game is full of all sorts of puzzles and tasks with geometric shapes. In each level you will have a slightly different problem. Apply all your logical knowledge and pass this game full of puzzles. Use the Mouse to click and drag shapes.

  • HelpBot


    Take control of very smart and valuable robot. He was lost in unknown laboratory and now he need somehow to get out of it. But without you and your control he could not cope with it. Use Arrow keys to move and jump, P to pause, R to restart level, M to menu.

  • Money Wars

    Money Wars

    This game tests your ability to earn money. Together with your friend, or play against the computer in a curious similarity monopoly. Your task is first to score a certain amount of money. Who first gather this amount - the winner. Player 1 - WASD to move and enter Bank. Player 2 - Arrow keys to move and enter bank.

  • Wheels VS Zombies

    Wheels VS Zombies

    Your trip was marred by the appearance of hordes of hungry zombies. Well you have been with a gun. Now being behind the wheel of your car give rebuff bloodthirsty zombies. WASD or Arrow keys to drive, Mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Super Macho

    Super Macho

    So it is time to crumble all enemies with Super Macho. Arm yourself full and go to the fierce fighting. Send to the other world armies of enemies, pumping your hero by the game points. Enjoy the battle. Use Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to shoot, P to pause.

  • Bullet Man

    Bullet Man

    The main character has got into trouble. Being in the heart of the battle, he was hit by a terrible fire. Dodge missiles and survive at any cost. Dodge all charges! Can you handle this? Player 1 - Arrow keys to move, < to shoot, > to jump. Player 2 - AD to move, G to shoot, H to jump, S to donate life to player 1.

  • Tequila Zombies

    Tequila Zombies

    Miguel was driving through the desert in search of new adventures or earnings. Sudenly all the people around turned into bloodthirsty creatures and are now trying to eat anything that moves. Help Miguel kill all the monsters and survive. WASD or Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause, Esc to menu.

  • Cold Memories

    Cold Memories

    We present to you the 4 act of exciting spy thriller. Help Spies complete their most dangerous mission. Send to the light villains. Stylish fighter needs in an epic final and you have to see it. Use the Mouse to move, aim and shoot.

  • Deponia World

    Deponia World

    The game's protagonist lived his whole life on the planet which is a huge trash. Tired of living in this cheerless place he decides to run away from the planet. help the protagonist fulfill his dream. To do this you need special items that you have to find. Use the Mouse to move, interact with objects and click and drag items to combine them.

  • Kleine Fortress

    Kleine Fortress

    Welcome to the harsh Middle Ages. The main character of the game has brought in one of the most dangerous places - in the castle Klein. Help the main character defeat the forces of evil and get out of the castle alive. WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump, B to throw bombs, C or Space bar to attack with sword, P to pause, R to restart, Esc to menu.

  • Towers


    In this puzzle you have to build towers with a different blocks. But the task is complicated by the fact that the blocks of same colors should not be connected. Will you be able to cope with the puzzles of this game? Mouse to pick up and place shapes, R to restart.

  • Blast The Monsters

    Blast The Monsters

    Place the charges on the platforms which there stayed monsters and blast them. Place the charges correctly, otherwise you will not be able to blow up all the monsters. This game requires you to logical thinking and challenge you. Use the Mouse to place and activate bombs, R to restart level.